Features available on the Fyyn platform

Homepage with native in-browser recording

The homepage introduces users to the product, and allows to test-drive our platform by creating a camera or screen recording right in the browser.

To do so, no software installation is required.

The Chrome Browser Extension

For more advanced recording requirements, users can install the official Fyyn Chrome Extension.

Using the extension allows create recordings on any website, to record the camera screen together, and to set different video resolutions.

Whether unregistered users use the native web recorder or the Chrome extension to test-drive the prooduct: recordings are always safely stored on our systems, and users can decide to „claim“ their recordings afterwards by signing up, using username and password or via their LinkedIn account.

The video library

This is the central place where users manage their videos. Videos are organized in a folder structure, and each video is presented as a tile widget that allows access to all options and actions for the given video.

Uploading an existing video

The video library also allows to upload existing video files that are created outside of Fyyn.

The folder system

Thanks to the folder system, even large video libraries can be managed with ease. Just drag and drop your videos to their destination folders.

Video search

A powerful and fast search feature allows you to find any video within your whole library quickly and easily.

Managing video title, the Action button, and embedding Calendly

A ready to use landing page is available for each of your videos, allowing you to share your videos with colleagues and customers without the need to send a heavy video file.

Each landing page can be customizes with a title, a call-to-action, or a Calendly embed.

Writing a Video Mail with AI text improvement

Another way to share your videos is through Video Mails.

A Video Mail is a great way to stand out in your customer's inbox.

And our AI-powered text improvement feature makes sure that you find the right words to make an impression!

Embedding a video on an external site

Fyyn makes it easy to integrate your videos on external sites, with a simple copy-and-based embed code that works on any platform.

Tracking and analyzing viewer engagement

Wherever your video is watched - on its landingpage, through a video mail, or on external sites via embed - you always get full-featured engagement tracking which not only tells you how often your video is played, but also visualized where in your video viewers bail out and stop watching.

This is a powerful tool to help you improve your videos and keep viewers engaged.

Automatically create subtitles in multiple languages, plus an AI-powered video content summary

Fyyn enables you to make your videos accessible for everyone.

All with a single click!

Landingpage branding with custom logos and custom domains

Strengthen your brand by setting up a custom landing page domain with your own logo.

Managing your team with organizations and groups

Invite team members to your Fyyn organization, handle groups and permissions, or join other organizations yourself.